Steps to Get Certified
Please be noted that not every applicant is qualified to take the TCIC exam or training due to the complexity of verifying the applicant's background, experience, the previous or current situation. If a confirmation email not received in two months, it usually means either something cannot be verified or the applicant are not qualified by our screening standards, hence, the application will no longer be processed.
Qualification Check
Your application will be evaluated within 2 months. Eligible applicants will receive a confirmation Email to the Exam arrangement
TCIC Training
Training is not necessary but an option for some applicants with weaknesses or problems standing in their way to achieve high-performance in an international classroom
Succeeding in the examination is the way to get certified
Get Certified
TCIC Certificate in E- and/or paper form will be obtained

Application to Get Certified

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  • Country or Region

  • Cell Phone Number

  • Nationality*

  • Years of Chinese Teaching

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    • 5-10
    • 10 & above
  • Previous Education*

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    • Certificate
    • Diploma
    • Bachelor
    • Master
    • Ph. D or Ed.D
  • Course of Study

  • Do you have any level of education majored in Chinese language study? If so, please specify:*

  • Present Employment

    • None
    • Self-employed
    • Kindergarten or Day Care
    • Weekend School
    • Language Training Center
    • Public School
    • Private School
    • School District
    • International School
    • College
    • University
    • Educational Policy-making Agency
    • Government
    • Other Educational Institute
    • Other Business
  • Have you worked or studied in China? If so, please specify:

  • Any award received in teaching or studying?

  • Any Paper Published on Chinese Language or Teaching?

  • How to take your exam?

    • in a classroom
    • Online
    • both of above
  • Will you be able to make and send us a 20 mins video of your classroom teaching?

    • Yes
    • No
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