1) Ditch the credit cards, only places like hotels will accept them. Install Alipay or WeChat app on your phone so you can pay for things. When registering your WeChat or Alipay you need some verification. Get your passport ready and your face. The process is quite straightforward. After these verifications, you link your credit or debit card to the Apps. Besides, if you don't have a Chinese bank account linked to your APP, then you can't pay to person in China, but only to business.

2) Not only is the language different,remember you won’t be able to read most signs. As apps like google translate won’t work, it’s recommended that you get a good translation device which translates both voice and pictures.

3) Don’t tip in China, People don't take that.

4) Go very early to the Great Wall, it can get very busy.

5) When you go to the Forbidden City, give yourself plenty of time to get through security

6) Many countries say you should carry your passport at all times, in China it’s essential, you simply won’t get into places without it.

7)Travel by Train:If you're planning to travel by train a lot along China, be sure to download the train app 12306 China railway for the most to go faster info. The schedule for a particular train schedule from China-travel-guide is different from reality. There is English available in the app.

Remember to verify the passport on the app in advance. Some new passports might not be verified by 12306 immediately online so that it would cause the trouble.

8) Is cash widely accepted in China?
Not like many other countries in the world, pay to business or person has been widely going digital in China since 2014. People in China don't carry cash or wallet for years. They simply make their pay via APPs like Alipay or WeChat on their phones. Cash is still accepted but vendors often don’t have change since it’s used so rarely by the locals.